Tidal Car Rentals - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
No. To maintain a clean fleet of vehicles for our customers, all vehicles are designated non-smoking. Smoking in rental cars may incur an interior detailing fee of $250.
Vehicles are not allowed to be driven outside of Canada.
Yes, we can provide child safety seats. Please make the booking before the booking date, and one of our team members will confirm if it is available.
Please remove any belongings and garbage upon the return of your vehicle. Note that any returned vehicle that requires excessive cleaning/detailing/deodorizing may result in an additional charge.
In most cases, your insurance will cover your liability while driving a rental vehicle. We recommend you call your insurance company to be sure.
Daily rates are based on a 24-hour billing period starting at pick-up, meaning every 24-hour period counts as one day’s rental. We allow a 2-hour grace period on the return end of your rental.
To make a reservation with Tidal Car Rentals, you can visit our website at tidalrentals.ca or call our customer service hotline at +1 (902) 797-1014. Follow the simple steps on our user-friendly platform or speak with our representatives to secure your rental.
To rent a car with Tidal, you will need a valid driver’s license, a credit card in the renter’s name, and proof of insurance. International renters may be required to provide additional documentation, so please check our website or contact us for specific requirements.
The minimum age to rent a car with Tidal is 23 years old. However, renters between the ages of 23 and 25 may be subject to a young driver surcharge. Please check our rental policies for more details.
Yes, additional drivers can be added to the rental agreement. Each additional driver must meet the same age and documentation requirements. There may be a fee associated with adding extra drivers, so please inquire about this when making your reservation.
Tidal Car Rentals offers a diverse fleet of vehicles, including compact cars, sedans, SUVs, and vans. Visit our website or contact our customer service for specific details on available models and features.
Tidal Car Rentals operates on a full-to-full fuel policy. This means you will receive the car with a full tank, and it is expected to be returned with a full tank. If the tank is not full upon return, a refueling charge will be applied.
Yes, you can modify or cancel your reservation with Tidal Car Rentals. Please refer to our cancellation policy on the website for details on fees and deadlines. You can also contact our customer service for assistance.
Most rentals come with unlimited mileage, but some specialty vehicles or promotions may have mileage restrictions. Be sure to check the terms and conditions of your specific rental agreement or contact our customer service for clarification.
Tidal Car Rentals accepts major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
In case of any issues or the need for roadside assistance, please contact our 24/7 customer service hotline at +1 (902) 797-1014. Our dedicated team will assist you promptly and ensure a smooth resolution.

For more detailed information or specific inquiries, feel free to visit our website or reach out to Tidal Car Rentals through our customer service channels. Safe travels with Tidal!